Passion for Craft & Empowerment

I love pushing myself and others to continuously learn and grow.

Focus and Determination

11 Years ago when my journey to a creative career started, I wanted to be a fine artist. I went and studied with the best artist I could find, heads down for 5 years, and then launched my fine art career.

Around the same time, I accidentally fell into digital and print design and found I enjoyed it a lot. I later discovered UX design thought it was the perfect marriage of creativity, design thinking, and collaboration with real world implications. Again, I found the best mentors I could to learn from.

My mastery of the principles of visual communication and problem solving have enabled me to take giant leaps forward in related disciplines. Just as acrylic and oil are simply different mediums, the same can be said of graphic design, product & UX design, photography, you name it.

They are all just different mediums; master the foundations and you can do anything you want!